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Society ebolaVaccineCover

Potential Ebola vaccine saved 3 monkeys from a deadly dose

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Art LidarCover

Scanner Lidar makes phantomatic 3D X-Rays of buildings

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Tech AICover

On intelligent machines taking over humanity

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Art streetArtCover

Powerful street art carries a rude reality check

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Art natureCover

Amazing nature films in commemoration of Earth Day

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Cars Volvo Cars Lounge Console / © Volvo

Awesome Volvo Cars Lounge Console concept

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Tech quantumComputerCover2

Quantum computers will be more human than any machine

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Apple mobilePayCover

The security and future of mobile payment

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Cinema hatefulEightCover2

Quentin Tarantino’s Hateful Eight will survive the betrayal

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Tech MacBookCover

Ridiculously thin MacBook will have better successors

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Web GOTCover

HBO is enraged but powerless about Game of Thrones leak

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Society Brain render

Scientists make medicinal weed CBD that doesn’t get you high

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Politics Terminator T 800 / © Terminator 3 movie

UN decides on the future of killer robots

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Humor newWordsCover

These hilarious new words need to be in dictionary now

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Tech WatsonCover

Your next physician may not be human, but Watson AI

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