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Tech Cortana

Cortana finally coming to iOS and Android

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Cars Batmobile

Batmobile was spotted on set of “Suicide Squad”

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Tech two new Nexus phones reported

Two new Nexus phones from LG and Huawei reported

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Tech Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition

Samsung launches Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition

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Cars Hyundai Sonata 2015 Android Auto / © mashable.com

Android Auto in real cars already this year

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Futuro Ecocapsule / © ecocapsule.sk

Ecocapsule – ecological home capsule for two man

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Futuro Lost Memories 2.0

Lost Memories 2.0: trailer about future world by 2045 year

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Web Night sky view from ISS /© Terry VIrts

Night Earth’s photo from ISS by Terry Virts

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Humor funnyAd15

Ad placement failure leads to hilarious messages

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Politics UberRushCover

Uber quietly launches merchandise delivery program UberRush

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Art salarDeUyuniBOLIVIA2

You wouldn’t believe these pictures were taken on Earth

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People policeCorruptCover

2 average programmers turn vigilante cop corruption busters

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Games wow_woD_02

World of Warcraft lost a million subscribers just for a month

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Tech T-14 Armata on Moscow street / © wikipedia.org

New Russian T-14 tank stalled on Red Square

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Web moreMobileCover

Google now has more mobile searches than on desktop

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